Greetings ladies and gentlemen ,

I welcome you to my personal blog. It’s a little place where I come to relax and share some of my works. Creating game environments and items in 2D graphics. I love: coffee ☕️ and fresh fruits 🍇🍎. Out of dream world for living I am designer and web developer , but this blog I just keep it simple and doing in spare time.

It is all for you ladies and gentlemen and I hope you will enjoy it !


If you like to see the process / videos then follow:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSb8MQZZNBU8KZMQl6SRwvQ
Twitter: @CakeForge
Facebook: @Cakeforge
Instagram: @Cakeforge


Q & A / top asked questions /

Q: Posible to be in your blog ? A: Sure bro , all you have to do is sent private message in contact section.
Q: How can I contact you ? A: You can find contact section.
Q: Can you create for me a video, video intro, or some grafics ?  A: Yea ! , just let me know what you would like to have.

Q: Do you make the custom art for your shard ? A: No , I do not own a shard (game server) and never will. For me it is great if you find the art or game assets useful.

It’s all for Gamers & Creators !

cheers 😉,