Everything you miss from Ultima LandFall & CakeForge / 2016.



Greetings Friends and fellows, here are 10 Things You Probably Missed from CakeFroge and Ultima Landfall / game assets for Ultima Online or for your game indie project. If you have You have question ? ➜ @CakeForge or sent email




2016 The best year yet since CakeForge blog was released to public.


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The average number of unique daily visitors who have visited CakeForge blog. Each visitor is counted once per day, even if they view multiple pages or the same page multiple times.

CakeForge blog is a small and personal blog with game asset, made for indie game developers. I am truly thank full for each an every one who visited, commented, tweeted and showing interest CakeForge workshop. Thank you guys and girls!😃


CakeForge 2015 and 2016

2016  —6x more Unique visitors and 5x more Views then 2015 year. Amazing how fast it grow compared to previous year. Definitely motivation to continue the CakeForge workshop. With out you guys and girls would be nothing.

CakeForge Thank you!
sapceUltima LandFall new logo

Ultima LandFall v2.8

Ultima Online Paper toy

Ultima Online concept art

Ultima Online custom trees

Ultima LandFall Winter Poster

Ultima Online Custom desktop profile


How big is Ultima LandFall project?

End of Ultima LandFall project?



Thank you for spending your time!

Spread the 💚 if you enjoyed the art and my thoughts.

This will help me to know if to create

and write more of it!


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