Ultima Online – LandFall caravan

Ultima Online LandFall

Greetings friends and fellows,

before I start going in details we should have basic principals to understand first important thing –

What is Art ? – art is to inspire us and tell the stories behind the art but don’t server purpose. All the most famous art work have story to tell us. What is Design ? – service as functionality, humanity values, problem solving (asking questions how, why and what ? ). Best design describes as transparency, useful for our daily lives.

In my professional career I work with this field. This are very basic principal but we will not go all the process thinking and other design and art methods. However don’t take my words but take words from top leaning designers and innovators – John Maeda, Jonathan Ive, Elon Musk …

Where to begin ? Magic comes when you combine Art and Design: story telling + functionality. In this case functionality service as useful and interactive game asset.


 “Trader’s Caravan”

ultima online custom map

In first picture by Collin, next to it by Erondil and last one by Ivan and his team (Tales of Tasartir).

I think they are one of the best world builders out there in Ultima Online community. Most of the world building are creating something like trader’s caravan. So CakeForge want to challenge them selfs – Can we create game assets “trader’s caravan” for world builders?, can we ? To being with let’s sketch and create a game assets concept.

Ultima Online LandFall


Ultima Online LandFall

Ultima Online custom graphics


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(Note: New post will be available in next Friday )


Thank you for spending your time!

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