Ultima Online dungeons experience / Sketches & Concept Art

Ultima Online LandFall fans based graphics

Greetings friends and fellows,

today we will take a look at some cave concept. As you know Ultima Online mostly don’t have any interactive dungeons. Average gamer experience very classic dungeon(s) experience but it’s about to change. What I mean by that you see a dungeon entrance (cave) you enter in and kill monsters. It’s not bad idea but not exciting or engaging with environment.  What if environment is interactive and moving during your dungeon experience ? Here are few simple examples.


To give you bit understanding: LandFall don’t want to limit your world building imaginations it’s to inspire you to build awesome things. Something new for old UO 1997 – will only richer the content.

( With this concept you can build your dungeons much more engaging. It could role play in many ways.)

ultima online custom graphics

ultima online landfall caves v2

(from the ground opens passage to dungeon)

( mountain secret passage )



If you would like to try the most resent game assets for your world building or indie game then consider to become a member. Go to contact page and get in touch. I will sent to you a password. That you can get access to protected blog posts.

Ultima LandFall

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