Ultima Online Custom Desktop UI Design Part 5

Greetings every one,

I am helping out to guys from Czech Republic with Ultima Online desktop (UI/UX) design. Here are some design documentation and design process.

Reason I made this post because I believe user interface design means much more when you understand how it came.



It’s concept for character profile. Example: When winter arrives then character profile response to season and changes to “Winter” profile. This could make gaming experience more dynamic. More so it could respond to different in game events or to international events. However I think there is almost endless possibilities.

ultima online custom desktop

There is missing dramatic change. What I mean by that you can feel every “Season” or Holidays have contrast between each yearly season.

ultima online custom desktop

(I am considering to not use this type of style.)


ultima online custom desktop

(Turned out very badly. this are sketches but combining difrent materials and adding details – 1st there is limited pixel space, 2nd I believe in the end will not fit to Ultima Online overview style)


Solutions to fix it – “Minimal design frame” here are few examples:

Mood board

(It’s not completely minimalistic but more like a detailed frame which holds the design elements)

Ultima Online custom desktop

(Simple frame which holds the user interface elements.)


+ Bonus

Action Bar

“Tales of Tasartir” have interesting “Action Bar” for spells. I was trying to create animations. Very basic suggestion for “Action Bar”. (Note: as I mentioned spell icons are created by others.) I hope that Gif animation explains the basic idea.

(One way to  achieve this effect is to use png file. Using transparency.)


I apologies I am using “Tales of Tasartir” as background picture but I was very curious how the new game assets trees looks like in game environment. Full article here.

Ultima Online LandFall trees

Background picture credits to – “Tales of Tasartir”. Trees created by CakeForge.



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(Note: New post will be available in next Friday )


Thank you for spending your time!

Spread the 💚 if you enjoyed the art and my thoughts.

This will help me to know if to create

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