What could make Ultima Online great again? Sketches & Concept Art

Ultima Online fans based graphics

Greetings friends and fellows,

here I included few ideas but for next time I will focus specific topic.

As you probably know I am not good writer but I will try my best. Here I will share more or less my personal opinion in few words about what could make Ultima Online great again and will be focusing in current 2D visual appearance.

I create game assets and tiles during my spare time. Since I started I met a lot of amazing talented people like indie game developers, designers, Ultima fans, “Ultima Dragons”, “Ultima Codex”, “Dino’s Ultima”, “Shards Online” and many more. They all are from different places – from California, New York, Japan, Czech Republic, Russian and other countries. With few of them I had a short Skype call and I spend great time meeting them.  Each of them had there own opinion about game development with splendid ideas. What I was very amazed that Ultima Online is very active and with many talented people.

Maybe there is big potential that Ultima Online could get big again like in 1997 year. If I am you I would not hope because in this current situation where UO game is, there is slight chance that UO will reach there as top fantasy role-playing game (RPG). Now days market is full with RPG but what can happen that UO community will change things and create something awesome. Like this guys I met after I started a blog or the things I am doing here and Youtube channel.

I believe that Ultima fans and gamers are stick to nostalgia (Vanilla) style like Ultima Online Renaissance expansion. That’s normal, because most of as had the best gaming experience that time.

… but same time nothing new. As for new players it looks so old and dated – “new players login to some shards and think it’s dead already as there are more NPCs about than players”. However there are a few things which can make UO great gaming experience:

  • A new Ultima Online experience
  • storytelling (Lora)  and epic advancers

I will not list all the things but I believe that UO shouldn’t be dramatically changed but more or less create more dynamic experience. Now days we experience static and what I meet by that almost nothing is moving. With this post I want to focus first gaming impression which is visual graphics. Let’s begin with few sketches and concepts:

(Some inspiration is from Warcraft, The Witcher and Game of Thrones.
I spend less then day to sketch and animate.)


Street Lights & Lanterns

Ultima LandFall Sketches

Ultima Online Landfall Sketches

Not much to comment about lights – more detailed and different versions. ( For example: cave lanterns …)


The Bridge

Ultima Online Britain(Britain city picture by Ashlynn)

I think bridge is something what we pass by often specially in “Britain” city (there are 8 bridges). Bridge is a huge element and can include different interesting details. Which can represent culture, village or dungeons or even era. It is small for the gameplay but It can play a big role in the game. Here are a few examples:

Ultima Online bridge

Wood bridge – almost collapsing. It’s very basic bridge layout but always good to start with something simple. As well some bridges should include basic animation – lift up and down.

Ultima Online LandFall bridge

ultima online landfall bridge v3


Villages & Towns

As you know in RPG games villages and towns represent culture and not only but as well history (story). Previews sketches part 1 and part 2. In this sketch you can see working process (early stage) – there is 2 levels a basement level for stock and upper level is living area. Creating detailed down level with small window and huge bricks. Again very basic but will give more details for current houses in UO.

ultima landfall sketches

(here you can take look at old examples)



I think sketches clearly explain – again very basic animations but I will develop and work on this topic more. I have some few amazing ideas but they will be for next time. First as earlier I mentioned I would like to create a basic line up with game assets. For you to build amazing and unique game world.

Ultima Online LandFall cross


Ultima LandFall Gates


Ultima Online LandFall Gates v2



I already made game asset portal. It was more like a test to practice the basics in isometric view. I would like to push forward to next level. There are many, many possibilities to create a portal more engaging.

Ultima Online LandFall Portal

(old sketch from 2012 year)

( Concept art “imgur” )



(Note: New post will be available in next Friday )


Thank you for spending your time!

Spread the 💚 if you enjoyed the art and my thoughts.

This will help me to know if to create

and write more of it!


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