CakeFroge got a video from Russia. ( Ultima Online Alchemy )

Ultima Online Alchemy Video from Russia.

Greetings friends and flows,

did not expected that somebody from Russia will sent a video to Cakeforge. It appears to be very talented developer and it’s not a UO free shard. He works in game industry as game developer. At his work he have strict game frameworks and that limit him what he is allowed to develop. To have full freedom he prepared something interesting in his spare time. Using Ultima Online game engine .


He said: had lot of fun making  it – here is how alchemy should work in Ultima Online. 


Ultima Online Alchemy

“Battery” – power source / Use lighting spell to charge the battery.

Ultima Online alchemy

“DNA Processor”

His alchemy process feels very realistic. Also you actually step in boots in alchemy. Like a master!





Ultima Online Alchemy

Electricity turned on – ready to work


Also he made other impressive videos and have a creative development approach to them but unfortunately they are in Russian language. However I suggest you to take a look.

Personally I am very curious on what kid of game hi is developing at his work. I hope someday he will share with us and more interesting Ultima Online projects at CakeFroge.





Go Now and Do Some

Alchemy and have Amazing Day!


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Thank you for spending your time!

Spread the 💚 if you enjoyed.

This will help to create more of it!


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