In Making Ultima LandFall Grass

Greetings friends and flows, some time ago I asked what you guys wish I make next –


Surprisingly “Nature: Trees, Grass , Water” something what I am personealy wiling to create and thank you for every one participating in poll.  It helps me a lot because I would like create something what is useful for every one. Simply feels great if some of you enjoy it.

Purpose of “LandFall” project is to discover different in game environments, which are not in original Ultima Online game.
Basically something new! This game assets are for those how want detail in there game world.


In making process. Using previous assets  “Ultima LandFall Stone Road” and adding new type of grass. Later I will animate.

Ultima Online LandFall Grass

Ultima Online LandFall Grass ZoomIn

Ultima Online LandFall Grass The Grid

Ultima Online LandFall Grass Assets

(There is 8 different grass game assets + all in one. You can create different variations to build your world more unique)

Ultima Online LandFall Rocks

 ( “imgur” )





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