Ultima Online Desktop / 1#

Greetings friends and flows, first of all I will update this post when something new will come out (Part 2).

I started work on Ultima Online Desktop for friends in Czech Republic. Actually interesting to work with them. However it’s my first ever custom desktop and there is lot to learn from it, but I start to understand there is limited space to work with pixels. Because of that I have to be wise before creating idea(s).

The main achievement or you can say goal:

  • Readability ( by fast look you can easily read the text ).
  • Buttons are easily recognizable.
  • Unique style with few details in art work ( Blended well in Ultima Online / transparent ).

This are only few key things I am focusing but so far it’s not the end result. I have to keep working.

I expect create 2 to 3 different styles. By the way if you wonder where this backpack is coming – it’s from my old works  ( ~2006). You can download here.

I hope end of the week I can finally show them.



In Working process

(note: I spend around 4h working – would love to work longer but unfortunately other things have to do )


Ultima Online LandFall

Ultima Online LandFall

Ultima Online LandFall - Desktop in process


Ultima Online Landfall




🎃Happy joyful Halloween !🕸





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