CakeFrorge Blogger Guide.

Greetings travelers and Bloggers at CakeForge,

with warm welcome to you friend. We are always interested that you can present your personal or team project in Kick Ass style but if you not member at CakeForge blog then in Q&A you can found out have to become.

This post will help you to create “Featured Image” at CakeForge blog. Here is our simple guide:

Exemple – Post layout

 CakeForge Ultima Online post guid



After your done creating save file png or jpg. Important file size up to 100KB.


Exemple – Post “Featured Image”:

CakeForge Ultima Online Post



Our goal: 

Every individual – creators, idea talks ( gaming innovation ),  artist and indie developer is discovered in beautiful and cinematic view.  At “CakeForge” we meet new creators every day to get inspire and have great time. ( Note: “CakeForge” it’s early stage and we have to learn a lot)




Q: What is CakeForge?
A: Here is video.

Q: How to become Blogger (publisher) at “NiceGoodies” ?
A: Start with sending email Here.







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