Are you ready to accept ? CakeForge Event.

Greetings friends and fellows,

Getting together event with CakeForge and few other Youtubers in Ultima Online.
Presuppose to have great time and meet other Ultima fans. As well there will be few activities at the event but your more than welcome to share your ideas.

It’s all about having

Great Time.

( Note: Ultima Online anniversary this September. )

We will announce details and special

events as time goes on. Stay tuned!


 You can join small Discord app chat room

Event info:

Add this event to my Calendar.
Shard: Official Ultima Online Pacific Shard
Location: “Malas” – “Luna” 102.07’N 10.28’W 1174, 462


CakeForge - Event Location

Date & Time:
14 September, 8.30PM (GMT -07:00) Pacific
and for Japan 15 September, 12:30PM (GMT+9) Tokyo, Japan.

Video about event: ( full video )

Everything you need to know about event:

Dress code:
Green – you need to wear something green.


CakeForge Event Ultima Online



Q&A ?

How to get to the location as New Player ?

How to create UO 14 day’s free trial account ?

How to activate my existing UO account ? ( subscription )

How about Live Stream ?
We will announce details if we are making it happen. ( but we will create a short video )

I would like to create Live Stream ?
Please contact by via email . ( note every participant will be featured at CakeForge )


I can’t come in person, but I want to help. What can I do?
We’ll be needing house decorations. Your more then welcome to suggest ideas.
Let us know if you can donate your time or talent to helping to this event.


yours sincerely,




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