Ban from Stratics community ?

Greetings friends and fellows,

Few weeks ago I posted “It’s 2016 and Creativity for Ultima Online Never Stops” in Stratics. Where Collin was sharing his creativity. As you know CakeForge shares creative projects from Ultima fans to connect, discover, share ideas and opinion. We never promote or share illegal things but we share for your entertainment and to grow the Ultima community. However something similar was discussed: “illegal to make fan art?”.  It’s shame that everything what Ultima fans do is a way of pushed away.

After receiving around 30 comments about “It’s 2016 and Creativity for Ultima Online Never Stops”. I decided to reply to comments with short video. Sorry if it did not answer to your question but maybe gives a small idea about CakeForge. Post is gone from Stratics I guess it’s ban? but at least I reply to comments.


With deepest sympathy to Stratics.

Stratics is and will be always the best forum community for Ultima Online!



Ultima Online CakeForge



( few month ago – I get 15 million gold from Lady Gabby after that she show me “Trinsic Army” at Ultima Online Pacific  shard )





Highlights from comments:

BrianFreud Stratics Ultima Online

Stratics Ultima Online

All Comments.







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