LandFall 2.8v in Making part 1

Ultima Online LandFall 2.8v

Hello , This time I made video bit different from others. Take you around briefly how Ultima Online LandFall is made.
Hope you will enjoy !

Here you can download the game asset link.

LandFall 2.0 trailer: link.


themagpieswarble: ( Reddit ) Would be really curious to see it working in the context of the actual 2D client. Video would be cool. 4:44

Here are some test screenshots but it’s not from in-game but they do not look different as you see here. Maybe some free shards are using this assets you can try to google it. As well I will try my best to get PC or to ask somebody to film the used game assets.

DragoniteSMP: ( Reddit ) What exactly is UO landfall ? 5:17

Thanks for asking it’s most asked question. LandFall is expansions for Ultima Online. Adding new game assets and replacing the old ones. It’s a early stage for the project.

anymudz: ( Reddit ) – Thank you for posting a positive comment. 5:49

Ultima Online Art Ultima Online LandFall

Ultima Online art

Ultima Online art

The Poll which I mentioned in video:



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