Ultima Online LandFall 2.8 v Teaser Trailer + Q&A

Greeting , such long time has past since I posted a video. Here is teaser trailer for Ultima Online LandFall project.

Title is “Landfall – The Legends of Ultima”



1. Safera: 0:59
Q: Do you work for a shard? …
A: Thats good question – I don not work for shard. I do not own a shard and never will.

2. Sythen: 1:10
Q: … could I get a copy of the grid you’re using to align it ? …
A: Yes you can , it’s included in older updates from 1.4 version with photoshop file.

3. Arkiu: 1:21
Q: … Whats the purpose of this though? New UO client or new game? …
A: It is a game extension for Ultima Online. I am simply trying to make it interactive with new content to give depth to the game.

4. Mister_Bubbles: 1:36
Q: … I wish I could find some shots of the assets being used ingame.
A: Few shot you can find in my personal blog https://nicegoodies.wordpress.com/

5. Слава Слава: 1:55
Q: you draw sprites for an old client ?
A: For both . The drawings can be used in old and new client.

6. Francis Marsten: 2:07
Q: … are you simply creating new art because you enjoy doing so?
A: Yea , it’s process where I relax and to create something interesting.

7. Amoz Newkirk: 2:26
Q: have you ever considered working on a game ? ..
A: Sure that would be great but this topic I should cover other time.

8. Willfaith: 2:40
Q: … interested to know what programs you have made the video trailer with which present landfall ! …
A: For all the videos I use Aftereffects CC and Photoshop CC.

➜ Shout out for:

Fairytailgod ( Reddit ) 3:00
Thank you so much for fixing my english grammar at my personal blog.

Collin Lowe: ( https://twitter.com/epifocol ) 3:13
Looking for programmer !

Ryz: ( http://stratics.com/threads/the-2d-cl… ) 3:31
Thank you for sharing on Stratics forum

Ultima Online Official Korea: ( http://ultimaonline.kr/443 @UO_KOR ) 3:41
Big thanks for sharing the LandFall 2.0v !



Ultima Online LandFall




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