New Ultima episodes

Greetings traveler ,

It’s Friday ! Time for new post. If you notes that every Friday I am trying to update the blog and actually it takes time, effort to create something new and creative. I hope will enjoy it ! 😀

This time we will take look at Cakeforge youtube “UI/ User Interface” for Ultima episodes. Lately I started to work on visual appearance for UO Landfall project and generally on youtube channel. I hope this year  I will upload new Ultima project episodes for every Friday.

Here are some of the elements what I used and some of them will use in future.


Next button:

( one of the first button prototype )



video outro 1:


video outro 2:

(high quality – link )



video outro 3:

(high quality – link )



video outro 4:

(high quality – link )



video outro 5:

( Only for test purpose )



Buttons Subscribe & Next: UltimaOnline-LandFall-Subscribe+Next



Image frame:




Extra interface display buttons:








Video element: form “Skyrim”






Or maybe not awesome !


Hope this time my English grammar is better than last time. Have great weekend !





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