LandFall 2.1 ( New Game assets )

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 4.54.38 PM

Greetings , was long time since last update. I  hope you had great time this year. ( Small game assets update. )

Here it is — what’s new ⚒ ?: spent around 2-3 hours to create this mixture of different materials. “The floor” combined with stone , light wood and dark stone materials. Purpose  was to match with “Legendary Blacksmith pack“. Materials can be combined  and transition to different material. Gives you uniq environment.

Thats not all , You have uniq possibility to share your creation using Landfall game assets.  Sent video or picture to contact section . Your creation will be published on one of the videos at CakeForge youtube.


FQA: ( for those how want sent video for CakeForge youtube)

Q: What to do , my video file is too huge ?
A: The best solutions is to sent by Wetransfer ( Max 2GB )  or ( Max 50 GB ).

Q: What format I should sent the video ?
A: You can sent MP4  , .mp4  More detailed . Important that video resolution is no lower than 1080p and 30 fps. The reason is – to have a great video experience at least need to have HD quality.

Q: What about very high quality videos like 4K 60 fps or more ?
A: It’s ok !

Q: Can I sent compressed files like zip or rar  ?
A: No Zip, No RAR files .I do not accept compressed files.


Feel free to use it in Ultima Online or in your own game !



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  1. Lay

    In love!!! KEEP IT COMING!

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