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Ultima Online Legends Rise

Now Giveaway for you bros.

You can download in description below.



Hello every one ,  back in 2011 year I started a project “Ultima Online Legends Rise”. I started this project for purpose to create value to Ultima Online, Ultima Franchise and as well awareness – that you know why you play this game in first place. Basically publish stories, art work and secrets of Ultima Online to rise legends and mark them in book.

Message: ” Let’s do it ! Let’s make it happen and Legends will rise up !”



” Achievements and awards 

if interested to know more here is a link – uoforums.com . People where hype to participate creating this project and interested to help me.

Short story: I get phone call from “UOforums.com” ( they can get me in touch EA ) and after I get some deals to start with the project but never get it to point to actually to make it happen. Complicated explain what happened but not enough engagement from community and official publishers. In the end I give up and stop the project.



Maybe some day The Ultima Online Official developers would be interested , but for know enjoy !


( important:  using this website you have to use credits )



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