Apply UO LandFall Pre-Release 2.0.0

Update: It’s released , go and download here




Pre-Release Alpha 2.0.0v


Get today Pre-Release 2.0.0v UO LandFall ! What is Ultima Online LandFall ?
Please read carefully before applying for pre-release version !

What it’s all about ? 
No longer need to wait for UO LandFall 2.0.0v release. You can get it today a full developer version UO LandFall 2.0.0v.

Before getting in your hands, have to now it is graphic extension to Ultima Online and could consist bugs. To instal in your game you have to use 3th party tools.

What’s included ?

  • more then 100 bmp files
  • Portal
  • Halloween pack
  • Legendary Blacksmith
  • Magic Oven
  • Roads
  • … etc.

What you can not do: ( if you do not follow the rules you will be banned permanently. Will not be available to apply)

  • can not publish in private or public blogs , websites etc.
  • anything related with media and commercials ( videos etc. )
  • can not publish edited graphics from pre-release 

What you can do:

  • You can do anything what you like
  • report the bugs and errors
  • give suggestions and ideas
  • all the reports you can sent in contact section or in privet message at community forums. Message Subject – “LandFall 2.0.0  bugs”.

How to apply ?

Sign-up in lists ! In few upcoming days you will receive in your email. ( note: positions are limited to Pre-Release )


( every participant will be mentioned in video )
if you wish to not be – please contact me.

➔ video guide ( 7 min ) ! ➔ video guide ( 4 sec ) ! 

Dinos Ultima Page Logo        Ultimacodex logo

➔ special thanks to Dino’s Ultima Page , Ultima Codex


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